What are your products made of?

All of our lovely products are made with natural ingredients. They contain NO artificial ingredients or chemicals. Products ingredients are natural and ethically sourced and are bought from local stores around Los Angeles from POC. 

How long does my product last?

Being that the ingredients are all natural they do have a shelf life span. All products will last between 3-12 month. Check your product description. Many products have natural preservatives to extend the shelf-life and stop bacteria growth. But at the end your product is only meant to be in your life for their period of time! Cherish them and show them love.

Why does my soap/lip balm/butter/candle have imperfections?

Everything at Marstore is hand made, hand pored, and hand cut. Your products imperfections is what make it unique and spell from their brother and sister. We love imperfections because they make us unique.

How do I care for my soaps?

Being that our soap is handmade and does not contain any synthetic preservatives you need to show a little extra care and love to your friend. Do not let your soap sit in water, give your soap plenty of fresh air after each use! Store your soap on a well drained soap dish. When using, best use with a wash cloth or loofah for longer bar life.